Routine as a Resource


This series explores the therapeutic potential that natures’ cycle (in its broadest sense) offers us and how we can bring it into our daily life to support our healing, create resources, increase our capacity and resiliency, and encourage reflection.

Reflections on Virgo season & the themes in my work last month is harnessing the magic of routines.

☆How routine becomes a resource for us to use to take care of ourselves, to help life feel manageable, to regulate mood, to carve out consistency in building our self care toolbox. With repetition (a routine), acts of service to self become easier to reach to, to use and habitual.

☆ examples: a sleep routine, a morning routine, going a walk 3 days a week, meditation for 10 minutes, closing your door & having 20 minutes just for you.

☆What is one routine you can (or have been) focus on and develop to become a resource in your life?