People come to therapy for many different reasons. We may struggle, have experiences that leave us overwhelmed and stressed, or go through periods of hardship where we turn to therapy to support, heal & be there with us. We may need help sorting out the complex feelings, thoughts & sensations we experience. Some clients come to explore existential questions or to understand themselves & their relationships more deeply in the presence of a therapist. I believe therapy is a powerful tool to make sense of and integrate past & current experiences. Being witnessed, supported & understood facilitates lasting healing, change & growth.

My specialties listed below are areas of focus in my therapy practice, but the descriptions following are not exhaustive to the work that falls under each specialty. Through my years of practice I have witnessed how complex we are & what someone comes to therapy with is linked to the whole person & their life experiences. Therefore, I also work concurrently with other presenting issues that are listed below. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Relationships & Intimacy: patterns, conflict, crises & transitions (romantic, friends, family, children, work); diverse relationship models (polyamory, open relationships, conscious monogamy, etc.); divorce & separation; communication; fear of closeness and/or commitment; trust; power.

Sexuality & Sex Therapy: sexual desire & arousal, orgasm, sensuality, eroticism; quality & quantity; shame; connection & disconnection to the body; painful intercourse; addiction; fetishes, kinks & BDSM; paraphilias; partners with different &/or conflicting interests, desires or frequencies. Reclaiming & empowerment.

Gender & Sexual Identity: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans & queer identities (LGBTQ+); non-binary, gender-queer; those questioning & exploring; pansexuality; and all others under the umbrella.

Trauma: relational trauma; attachment trauma; physical & sexual assault, interpersonal/domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse; oppression.

Grief & Bereavement: death, loss; infertility, miscarriage, parental alienation; divorce & relationship endings; life transitions, change; diagnosis, chronic illness; shedding of ‘old selves’.

Concurrent experiences: A place to be with all those feelings, thoughts and sensations you are experiencing; anxiety, depression, anger, shame, sadness, unhappiness, numbness; loneliness; low self-esteem & self-confidence; struggles with body image; stress; substance use & addictions.