I work with individuals using trauma informed relational somatic psychotherapy. My approach creates an empathic, non-judgmental & safe space where you are the expert of your experiences & where we can explore deeply the feelings, memories, thoughts & experiences you have. We will start wherever you are at & moving at your pace using my gentle but direct approach.

Relational Psychotherapy

Explores how past & present relationships (often our earliest with our caregivers and family, but encompassing all types of relationships) have shaped who we are, how we feel about ourselves, how we act & feel when in relationships & the impact these relationships have on our experiences, mental and emotional health and well-being. It also recognizes that connection/disconnection is located within a larger network of social & cultural relationships.

In relational therapy, we explore & understand the repetitive beliefs, themes & patterns that show up in your life & relationships. Often this work includes talking about your feelings, thoughts and experiences, exploring your needs & discovering your boundaries to help develop a strong and secure sense of self. With this awareness, confidence & strength you can create new ways of being with others, cultivating the type of connections you want, facilitating deep healing & contributing to your overall well-being. This starts with & extends into the therapeutic work in our sessions together.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Is a somatic (body) based method that uses mindfulness-based practices to explore the present moment experiences, to help reestablish your connection & relationship with your body & to understand the sensations, feelings, memories & wisdom inherent there. It allows you to safely release what you’ve been holding on to, that may no longer be serving you, including trauma that has been held  stuck in the body. Somatic therapy increases self-regulation, confidence, skills, being present & working with (rather than fighting against) feelings, memories, symptoms & trauma.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be different than other therapy modalities if what you are working on is/has a physical or physiological component. I combine relational & somatic psychotherapy methods to address the emotional & psychological components and explore the connections & disconnections,  with practical & interventional strategies to work with the physical difficulties. The later is informed from my years as a Registered Nurse in women's (cis, trans, non-binary) sexual health. I use empowerment based frameworks to explore whatever it is you bring here to work through in the spheres of sex, sexuality, sensuality & eroticism. And a lot of gentleness through this vulnerable work.


My practice is grounded in the frameworks of intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, social justice, queer theory & harm/risk reduction. I am sex & kink positive, sex work positive, class conscious & anti-racist. I believe that 'the political becomes psychological/personal & vice versa'; this means I do my best to recognize & attend to the ways that privilege, power, stigma & marginalization affect personal & societal well being & connection/disconnection. This includes exploring how these dynamics are showing up between myself & the clients I work with.